Fire Door Seals

Pyroplex® are specialist in the design, manufacture and testing of intumescent strips and glazing seals for use in timber fire door, metal fire doors and composite fire doors.

All our seals are manufactured by Pyroplex® Limited at our UK factories, and branded Pyroplex® for full identification and traceability purposes.

Fire doors play a critical role restricting the passage of fire and smoke through a building and maintaining effective fire partitions. A correctly installed fire door will assist in creating effective escape routes for people within the building as well as protecting the building itself. The correct specification of intumescent seals, glazing and ironmongery is critical to ensure the door maintains the specified performance for the designated period of time.

Pyroplex® understand that correctly testing products is crucial for specification we take an active approach in terms of commitment to new product development and collaboration with UKAS accredited test houses worldwide to develop an ongoing testing program.

Where relevant we also hold Third Party Approval for our range of products through internationally recognised schemes such as CERTIFIRE and IFC Certification and operate a stringent factory production control procedure.

Pyroplex® Limited is a member of the BWF Certifire Scheme and the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and technically represented on a number of British and European testing and certification committees.

Timber Fire Door Sealing System

We offer solutions for timber fire doors covering FD30s, FD60s and FD90, with additional smoke and acoustic performance where required.

All our 30minute and 60minute systems hold 3rd party approval under the CERTIFIRE scheme meeting the requirements of Technical Schedule TS35 for fire resistance and TS21 for smoke leakage.

A comprehensive evaluation of our intumescent seals performance in accordance with British Standards can be found in Pyroplex® Global Assessment Chilt/A08215 Revision A. We would however recommend that specific guidance on product selection and installation is sought from the door core manufacture.

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Fire Door Seals

Metal Fire Door Sealing Systems

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of intumescent based sealing systems for use in insulating and non-insulating metal doors sets, manufacturing and selling our products in the international marketplace.

In relation to our standard ranges we would recommend that testing takes place on a case by case basis to the door manufacturer’s exact specification.

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MetalFire Door Seals

Composite Fire Door Sealing Systems

We offer a custom design and manufacturing service to meet the requirements of specialist projects or new product designs. We have expertise in the design and manufacture of seals for use in door frames, cores and glazed panels in composite doors.

To ensure that the products we manufacture are suitable for your composite door we will work with you in the development of custom seal designs and where appropriate draw up specific testing programs to demonstrate fire performance in your composite door configurations.

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Composite Fire Door Sealing Systems