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The critical role of certified pipe wraps in fire containment

Passive fire stopping products have a key role to play in the construction of any building, helping to slow the spread of fire, should the worst happen. There is no better time to fully understand how these various products work and essentially, help to reduce damage and most importantly, save lives.

Gulf Fire Magazine: Certification must start with your suppliers

To ensure that timber fire doors meet the approval of the Dubai Civil Defence codes, producers of fire door assemblies should work with component suppliers who are fully certified and understand the specific technical requirements of the relevant building codes and the technical requirements in terms of fire resistance.
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Asia Pacific Fire Magazine: the importance of certification

With a staggering amount of construction taking place across the region, and with fire safety a primary consideration in building design, the challenge for all parties involved is to effectively certify their fire safety strategy to align with the Hong Kong Buildings Department. This, says Reddiplex Asia, takes the involvement of expertise and local area knowledge.

Supporting II Systems at Fire Safety Event

Pyroplex are supporting its distributor Irish Intumescent (II Systems) at the one-day conference “Fire Safety in Multi-Storey Buildings, Apartments & Flat Complexes” taking place at the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin on 22nd November 2017.