The Pyroplex Triple Flipper offers the latest generation in multi sealing performance.

Pyroplex Triple Flipper’s three flipper technology not only provides an integral flipper when used with ironmongery but also provides enhanced performance in relation to Fire, Smoke, Acoustics and Durability.

The Pyroplex Triple Flipper is manufactured as a single component using thermal fusion to ensure the flippers will not detach under the wear and tear of everyday use. TPV high performance polymer flippers also provide a low surface coefficient reducing opening and closing forces.

Pyroplex Triple Flipper Seal is tested to BS476 Part 22: 1987 in relation to fire resistance and BS476: Part 31.1: 1983 for smoke performance. Pyroplex Triple Flipper has also achieved an acoustic rating of Rd 32 dB when tested in accordance with BS ISO 140-3.

Should you require any further information regarding the Pyroplex Triple Flipper or to request your free sample please contact us.