CE Marked Pipe Collar 400 Series

CE Marked Pipe Collar 400 Series

CE Marked Pipe Collar 400 Series

Application: Service penetrations – plastic SWD systems
Fire Resistance Period: up to 240 minutes (dependant on application)
Insulation/integrity: Insulation and integrity
Test Standard: BS 476: Part 20 and BS EN 1366-3
Approval Type: Certifire CF635 / CE mark 2812-CPR-JA5002 / ETA 20/1208

Pyroplex® CE Marked 400 Series Pipe Collars have been specifically designed to re-instate the fire resistance of a wall or floor which has been penetrated by plastic flammable pipes used in soil, waste and drainage services.

They will seal closed flammable pipes from 25mm to 400mm diameter and can be face fixed in a wall or ceiling structure.

They are suitable for use on concrete, masonry and plasterboard partitions.

Testing & Certification

CE Marking

EC Certificate of Conformity 2812-CPR-JA5002

European Technical Approval ETA – 20/1208

Test Standard

BS 476: Part 20
BS EN 1366-3

Approval Type

Certifire TS03. Certificate No. CF635

PSB Approval- CLS1A 16 08 95058 006

Pyroplex® CE Marked 400 Series Pipe Collar has been specifically designed to prevent the passage of fire and hot gases through:

  • Concrete and masonry constructions.
  • Suitable for plasterboard partitions PPC25 – PPC160 only.
  • Soil, waste and drainage ‘above ground’ applications.
  • A fire resistance of up to 240 minutes.
  • 400 series collar has a stainless steel outer casing.
  • Tab closing device means collars are easy to fix in place around pipe and rotate or slide into position.
  • Intumescent material is totally unaffected by water, is robust, ‘non-flaking’ and difficult to tear.

Range for concrete and masonry walls and floors

Part NoPipe materialsPipe diameter [mm]Pipe wall thickness [mm]Collar depthNo. of fixing lugsWallFloor

*PPC350 and PPC400 achieve EI180 only, when installed on both sides of the separating element (i.e. floor)

Range for plasterboard partitioning walls

Part NoPipe materialsPipe diameter [mm]Range of pipe wall thickness [mm]Collar depthNo. of fixing lugsPlasterboard wall
PPC25-4PVC-u251.9 – 3.0602EI120
PPC32-4PVC-u321.9 – 3.0602EI120
PPC40-4PVC-u401.9 – 3.0602EI120
PPC48-4PVC-u482.2 – 3.4602EI120
PPC55-4PVC-u553.3 – 5.2603EI120
PPC68-4PVC-u683.3 – 5.2603EI120
PPC82-4PVC-u823.3 – 5.2603EI120
PPC90-4PVC-u904.8 – 7.4603EI120
PPC110-4PVC-u1104.8 – 7.4604EI120
PVC125-4PVC-u1254.8 – 7.4604EI120
PPC160-4PVC-u1606.2 – 9.5606EI120
Part NoPipe materialsPipe diameter [mm]Range of pipe wall thickness [mm]Collar depthNo. of fixing lugsPlasterboard wall
PPC25-4PE252.4 – 3.7602EI120
PPC32-4PE322.4 – 3.7602EI120
PPC40-4PE402.4 – 3.7602EI120
PPC48-4PE482.5 – 4.0602EI120
PPC55-4PE553.3 – 5.2603EI120
PPC68-4PE683.0 – 5.4603EI120
PPC82-4PE823.0 – 5.4603EI120
PPC90-4PE903.4 – 6.6603EI120
PPC110-4PE1103.4 – 6.6604EI120
PPC160-4PE1604.9 – 9.1606EI120
Part NoPipe materialsPipe diameter [mm]Range of pipe wall thickness [mm]Collar depthNo. of fixing lugsPlasterboard wall
PPC25-4PP251.8 – 3.7602EI90 & E120
PPC32-4PP321.8 – 3.7602EI90 & E120
PPC40-4PP401.8 – 3.7602EI90 & E120
PPC48-4PP481.9 – 4.4602EI90 & E120
PPC55-4PP552.3 – 7.5603EI90 & E120
PPC68-4PP682.3 – 7.5603EI90 & E120
PPC82-4PP822.3 – 7.5603EI90 & E120
PPC90-4PP902.7 – 10.0603EI120
PPC110-4PP1102.7 – 10.0604EI120
PPC160-4PP1604.0 – 9.1606EI120
  1. Ensure substrate around pipe is flat and free from obstructions – if necessary make good by using Pyroplex® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant.
  2. Release retaining pin and position pipe collar around pipe.
  3. Slide the tab through slot in pipe collar and fold back 180 ° to secure.
  4. Secure pipe collar by drilling holes in structure by using fixing lugs as template. To fix use M8 x 65mm sleeve anchors or 50mm [minimum] expanding bolts. Do not use plastic raw plugs and or plastic sleeve anchors.
  5. When the collar has been securely fitted into place any residual gaps between the collar and the substrate can be filled using Pyroplex® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant.

Pyroplex® CE Marked 400 Series Pipe Collar is tested to BS 476: Part 20 and BS EN 1366-3 and has a European classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-2. Pyroplex® 4 hour Pipe Collars are compliant with the requirements given in CERTIFIRE TS03. CERTIFIRE Certificate No. CF635 EC Certificate of conformity 2812-CPR-JA5002.

Providing the product is installed in accordance with the requirements of the guidance document the product is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.