Pyroplex Brochures

Fire Seals
Fire Seals Brochure
Fire Stopping
Fire Stopping Brochure
Fire Seals Brochure
Fire Stopping Brochure
Joints Ignifuges
Fire Stopping Brochure
Retardateur d’incendie
Fire Stopping Brochure

ISO Certificates

Pyroplex Limited has a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

Global Fire Resistance Assessment

BM Trada – Report Chilt/A08251 Revision A

Fire Seals Datasheets

Rigid Box
Rigid Box with Pile
Rigid Box with Flippers
Flipper Range Datasheets
Flexible Seals
Flexible Fire Seals
Intumescent Strip
Glazing Seals 30 Minute
Fire Rated Glazing
Glazing Screens 30 Minutes
Glazed Screen Seal
Glazing Seals 60 Minutes
Air Transfer Grilles
Fire Rated Air Transfer Grilles
Fire Rated PU Foam
Expanding Foam
Intumescent Sheet
Intumescent Sheet

Fire Stopping Datasheets

Pipe Collar CE Marked 4 Hour
400 Series Pipe Collars
Pipe Collars CE Marked 2 Hour
200 Series Pipe Collars
Pipe Wrap CE Marked 2 and 4 Hour
Pipe Wraps Datasheet
Fire Rated Expanding PU Foam
Expanding Foam
CE Marked Intumescent Acrylic
CE intumescent Acrylic
Fire Rated Silicone Sealant
Fire Rated Silicone Datasheets
Pressure Exerting Sealant
Pressure Exerting Sealant Datasheet
Putty Pads
Putty Pads

Third Party Accreditation

Fire and Smoke Seals Certifire
Flipper Range Certifire
Air Transfer Grilles IFC
Flexible Seals Certifire
Intumescent Strip Certifire
Glazing Seals 30 Minute Certifire
Glazing Seals 60 Minute Certifire
Glazing Screen 30 Minute Certifire
Pressure Exerting Sealant IFC
Pipe Collars CE Marked 2 Hour Certifire
Pipe Collars CE Marked 4 Hour Certifire
Pipe Wraps CE Marked 2 & 4 Hour Certifire
Fire Rated Expanding Foam

Certificate of Conformity

Pipe Collars CE Marked 2/4 Hour Warrington Fire
Pipe Wraps CE Marked 2/4 Hour Warrington Fire
Intumescent Acrylic CE Marked

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Declarations of Performance are available in other European languages on application to our sales office. Contact us.

Pipe Collars CE Marked 2/4 Hour
Pipe Wraps CE Marked 2/4 Hour
Acrylic Sealants Linear Joints CE Marked
Acrylic Sealants Penetration Seals CE Marked

European Classifications

174256/A – Pyroplex 200 Series collars
174256/b – Pyroplex 400 Series collars
174256/c – Pyroplex 200 Series wraps
174256/d – Pyroplex 400 Series wraps
WF348700 – Pyroplex 400 series collars – Gypsum Walls
187208 – Pyroplex 400 Series Collar
179654/B – Pyroplex Intumescent Acrylic Sealant


Pyroplex CE Intumescent Acrylic – Penetration Seals
Pyroplex CE Intumescent Acrylic – Linear Joint and Gap Seals
ETA 15-0136
Pyroplex 200 / 400 Series Collars
ETA 15-0136_Pyroplex-200-Series-Collar-Pyroplex-400-Series-Collar.pdf
Pyroplex 200 / 400 Series Wraps
ETA-12-0351_ Pyroplex-200-Series-Wrap-Pyroplex-400-Series-Wrap