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Fire-safe building – incorporating certified passive fire protection

Architects are pushing the boundaries to great effect, as building design becomes more ambitious and creative. Fire safety however, must remain at the core of every construction project and using certified and tested products is the diligent choice. Why? Andy Walsh, Technical Manager at leading passive fire protection manufacturer, Pyroplex explains.
Al Rama Distributor News

Pyroplex announces Dubai distributor

UK based Passive Fire Protection product manufacturer, Pyroplex Ltd has confirmed that it has signed up a new distributor to develop the growing business in Dubai. Al Rama International Traders is an established company based in Dubai, already supplying the construction industry with many key materials.

How to incorporate certified passive fire protection for a safer build

When designing, specifying, constructing or refurbishing a building or large commercial structure, it’s clear to see that minimising the risk of fire is a critical issue to manage. Architects, specifiers and contractors have a responsibility to build with an effective fire safety strategy in mind. And yet, with the available types of active and passive fire products to be considered, fire protection is a highly technical and complex issue to comprehend.

Why passive fire protection is key to the construction plan

With continued growth of high-rise and commercial construction across the globe, understanding the role that both passive and active fire protection should play in every new build and retro-fit has never been so important – especially when seeking the approval from regulatory bodies.