Flexible Seal


Application: Fire resisting timber doorset
Fire Resistance Period: 30 to 60 minutes
Insulation/integrity: Integrity
Approval Type: Certifire CF355

Pyroplex® Flexible Door Seals provide a permanent seal for fire rated timber and metal door edges and frames. They are suitable for rebates in timber door leafs or frames or the surface of metal door leafs or frames.

Pyroplex® Flexible Door Seals are ideal for new build and retro-fit applications. They are supplied with a coloured polymer cover in a continuous coil to minimise wastage and are quick and easy to fit as no special tools are required. They are supplied with a high grade acrylic self-adhesive tape backing for ease of application.

Pyroplex® Flexible Door Seals are compliant with the requirements given in Certifire TS35.

Testing & Certification

Approval Type

Certifire TS35 and TS21 Certificate No. CF355

  • Pyroplex® intumescent material is high-pressure and multi-directional.
  • Supplied with a high grade self-adhesive backing for ease of application and installation.
  • Supplied on continuous reels for dispensing applications.
  • Requires no additional coatings to extend its long-term durability.
  • Identification on each product ensures full traceability.
  • Quick and easy to fit with no special tools required.
  • Pyroplex® intumescent material is totally unaffected by water, robust, ‘non-flaking’ and difficult to tear.
  • Polymer cover enhances appearance and is available in six standard colours – brown, white, black, grey, red and cream.

Pyroplex® Flexible Door Seals have been specifically designed for use in the following applications:

  • Surface mounted applications.
  • For use single and double action leaf doors.
  • Insulated and non-insulated steel doors and frame.
  • New build and retro-fit applications.


Part NoProfile Dimensions [W x D mm]Indication of Fire Performance in doors* 30 minsIndication of Fire Performance in doors* 60 mins
897910 x 2.5
898910 x 4.0
898015 x 2.5
3002015 x 4.0
898120 x 2.5
3011220 x 4.0
898825 x 2.5
898630 x 2.5
898340 x 2.5
3014740 x 4.0

*For further guidance on fire performance and testing refer to dooset provider/manufacturer.  The fire rating is dependant on door configuration and performance.

1. Clean the substrate to remove surface oils, failure to remove surface greases may result in a delamination or poor adhesion to the substrate.
2. Remove the self-adhesive backing liner from the intumescent and apply the product to the substrate.
3. To achieve excellent adhesion seals must be applied to clean, dry surfaces at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.

The Pyroplex® range of Flexible Seals have been extensively tested in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to national and international standards.  Compliant with the requirements given in Certifire TS35 and TS21 – Certificate No. CF355.

Providing the product is installed in accordance with the requirements of the guidance document the product is guaranteed for a period of 10 years. All Pyroplex® products are identified with a unique reference number for traceability purposes.