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Pyroplex is an active supporter of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) whose aim is to stop the legacy of neglect and promote awareness of the critical importance of fire doors in preventing life changing injuries and the legal responsibilities of managing fire door safety. FDSW, now in its fifth year, will run from 25th September to 1st October.

A correctly specified fire door plays a vital role in a fire protection strategy. It can lessen fire damage to the building and most importantly, safeguard lives. Therefore, to provide the most effective protection, the components used in and around the fire door are of the utmost importance. One break in the chain due to poor installation or an ineffective component can result in a dramatic and undesirable outcome.

Pyroplex is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high performance passsive fire protection products. They are experts in the extrusion of intumescent strips (seals) covering single extrusion, co-extrusion and triplex extrusion. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of inline finishing options including printing and application of self-adhesive systems.

Pyroplex fire door strips offer fire containment periods of up to 120 minutes for use in metal doors, composite doors, timber doors and glazing systems. In addition to fire containment properties, Pyroplex products offer added smoke control and acoustic characteristics.

Pyroplex Technical Manager, Andy Walsh leads governmental technical committees in addition to being a UK Principle Expert in many aspects of fire containment and recognises the importance of FDSW. He comments, “the campaign to promote the awareness of the critical role of the fire door and the need to uphold high standards and best practice in terms of fire door safety is a subject that I’m very passionate about. FDSW is an opportunity for the entire sector to come together to raise awareness.”

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