200 Series SL Pipe Collar News

Our design and development team have taken our market-leading 200 series pipe collar and have made it significantly slimmer to create our brand-new slim line 200 Series SL. We set them quite a task as maintaining the integrity and quality of the 200 series was imperative. The 200 series SL is still 2 hour rated and still contains our unique, in-house manufactured intumescent material at its core.

The SL can be used in many more applications than the standard 200 series. Collar depth has been halved from 60mm to 30mm meaning it can be installed on penetrations such as u-bends and radius pipes in hard to reach areas.

During the development process, we have also extended and tested the scope of its application. The 200 Series SL can be face fixed to a wall or ceiling and is suitable for use on concrete, masonry or plasterboard partitions. It has been tested in accordance with EN1366-3, achieving a fire resistance period of up to 120 minutes (depending upon the application), classified in accordance with EN13501-2: 2007, classification report No. 412471.

Another consequence of slimming down the 200 series is that we have been able to squeeze more pipe collars into each box (up to twice as many depending on the size), saving on carriage. The new collar retains the same features that set the 200 series apart from competitors including:

  • Tab closing system to allow for quick and easy installation
  • Zintec coating to increase corrosion resistance and promote a longer effective lifespan
  • UK manufactured, rigorously tested and robust intumescent material with consistent reactive properties

For more information about the 200 Series SL, please download technical specifications.

To order stock please call us on 01905 795432 or email sales@pyroplex.com