AFP News

Our colleagues in Hong Kong have recently appeared in an industry leading publication in the Asia Pacific region; Asia Pacific Fire Magazine. General Manager, Rebecca Yeung, took the opportunity to showcase our Pyroplex range of products. Contributions from our Technical Manager, Andy Walsh, ensured readers enjoyed great insight into the installation of home products.

Across the Asia Pacific region, building construction becomes ever more ambitious. Fire safety has never been so important – the risks from getting it wrong are dire. And yet, many still need further knowledge to understand, specify and install the correct systems to protect lives and minimise building damage, should the worst happen.

What is it?

You’d be mistaken for thinking that fire protection is all about fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. They’re “active” fire safety measures and clearly important to install. “Passive” fire safety concerns systems and products that form part of the construction of the building. It’s a fundamental part of the fire safety strategy that should be discussed from the outset.