What is the difference between the flipper and the brush pile on the seals?

The flipper can improve the sealing performance of the doorset assembly, however, both flipper and brush can still achieve the requirements of BS476 and EN1634.

Can I join the product, and will this affect the performance of the seal?

Yes. However, where the door or frame exceeds the height of the seal, we would recommend that any joins are installed in the lower extremities of the doorset assembly.

Can the seal be cleaned?

Yes. Brush and flipper seals can be wiped clean, using a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

Are the smoke seals affected by paint or stain?

Yes, paint can bind the seal making the seal difficult to provide a smoke sealing function. Flipper seals if painted or stained with a high VOC solvent can soften the material, and can cause embrittlement, resulting in the seal delaminating…

What is the difference between a flexible door strip and intumescent door strip?

Intumescent door strip is available in black only. Flexible door strip is provided with a coloured polymeric covering.