Does the Pyroplex intumescent material give off any fumes?

The material will produce fumes like most polymeric compounds. See the material safety data sheet on the product page for further information and guidance.

Does the Pyroplex intumescent material contain any ceramic or respirable fibres?

Refer to the Material safety data sheet for further guidance. The only product which contains such fibres is the Pyroplex mineral fibre sheet, all other intumescent materials do not contain such articles in the formulation.

Can your intumescent material achieve 4 hour resistance?

In some applications such a pipe sealing penetrations, the intumescent material can withstand 4 hours fire resistant.

What is the temperature that the intumescent will react?

The intumescent material will start to expand in volume when exposed to temperatures greater than 180°C.

What is the expansion rate of the material?

The expanded volume varies depending upon the end use application of the product, with a minimum expansion volume of x18 original volume with a maximum expanded volume of x25 times.

How does the product work in a fire situation?

The reactive element within the Pyroplex intumescent material is based upon a thermally expanded graphite. When exposed to elevated temperatures, greater that 180°C, the material will start to expand in volume and continue to expand exponentially…

Where can I get more information on fire doors?

A good source of information on the specification of fire doors is available from

I have a specific colour requirement; can your products be supplied in this desired colour?

Yes. Our products can be made available in other colours, subject to minimum requirements.

Can I use a rubber based, PVA or a polyurethane adhesive on the mineral fibre sheet?

Yes, we have worked with the leading manufacturers of adhesives and have approved list various adhesives approved for use on our products, please contact us for approved adhesives systems and manufacturers.