Do all of the fixings positioning need to be secured?

Yes, the collar needs to be firmly fixed to the supporting construction, failure to securely fix can comprise the integrity of the fire resistance of the collar.    

What is the purpose of fire compartmentation?

Fire compartmentation in buildings in the form of walls and floors is designed to protect the occupants in and around a building and fire and rescue service personnel from the spread of fire by containing it in the compartment of origin for…

Are your pipe collars CE Marked?

Yes, all the Pyroplex pipe collars and penetration seals are covered by ETA and Declaration of Performance documents are available for download.

Do I need to fit a collar on both sides of the supporting construction?

For wall applications, we would strongly recommend that the penetration is provided with a collar, either side of the penetration.

Can I install a collar externally, without compromising the performance of the intumescent material?

Yes, the collar can be installed in external environments and the intumescent material will not be compromised by external weathering environments.

How does the intumescent work in a collar?

When exposed to elevated temperatures the polymeric pipe materials will begin to soften and collapse depending upon the material type. During the softening phase of the pipe, the intumescent material will expand, generating pressure to effectively…