Can the sealant and foam cartridges be recycled?

The cartridges and foil packs are recyclable – see symbol classifications on the cartridges. All packaging can be recycled in accordance with the local market requirements.

What are the main differences between Intumescent Acrylic and the CE marked Product?

The Pyroplex CE marked intumescent acrylic can be used in similar types application, linear joints, however, the movement accommodation is greater and can be use for sealing around pipe and cable penetrations. Refer to the technical data sheet…

Can I use intumescent acrylic in a header joint of gypsum wall and concrete floor?

We would recommend using our CE marked Pyroplex intumescent sealant for this application.

What is the maximum permissible gap width?

The maximum gap width is 40mm in floors and walls. Please refer to the tables provided in technical data sheet, which outlines the requirements in terms of fire resistance.