Pyroplex, are pleased to announce CE Mark Approval for the Pyroplex range of Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps.

On 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation will come into force. This will mean that any product placed into the market that is covered by a Harmonised Standard (hEN) or a European Technical Approval (ETA) will have to be accompanied by a declaration of performance (DoP) and therefore mandatory to have a CE Marking. Pyroplex Collars and Wraps now have this.

The CE Marked Fire Collars and Pipe Wraps demonstrates that they meet all the legislative requirements of the European Directives applicable, enabling them to be placed into the European market and be sold without certification restriction.

Pyroplex Pipe Collars and Wraps provide up to 4 hour fire resistance for pipe penetrations through compartment walls and floors. They contain a unique patented Intumescent material that on elevated temperatures will expand multi-directionally crushing the pipe and preventing the passage of fire through the penetration.
Technical assurance forms the foundation of Pyroplex products. The CE Marking of Pyroplex Pipe Collars and Wraps further demonstrates the commitment of Pyroplex ensuring the highest level of product performance and compliance to regulations and standards.