The developments in regulation and testing within the passive fire protection industry bring around opportunities for new Pyroplex products. In light of this we have introduced a new Pyroplex Fire Rated Ablative Coating for added insulation on pipe penetrations and cable applications during a fire situation.

Pyroplex Fire Rated Coating is a white coating that is designed for coating cable penetrations and metallic pipe penetrations. It can be applied as a final coating to provide an additional insulating layer. When exposed to elevated temperatures the coating will provide an insulating char, thus maintaining insulation of the services and/or pipe penetrations.

Pyroplex Fire Rated Coating has been used in conjunction with a number of Pyroplex fire containment products to form a complete system for metallic service penetrations and cable tray applications.

For further information about applications and installation please download the data sheet, or contact us on 01905 795432.