On July the 1st 2013, the Construction Products Regulation will come into full force. This means that any product placed into the European construction market (that is covered by a Harmonised Standard (hEN) or a European Technical Approval) will have to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and consequently the requirement for CE marking becomes mandatory.

Pyroplex has taken an active approach to the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation and through close collaboration with our notified laboratory have successfully been accredited with CE Marketing for our full range of Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps.

The CE Mark demonstrates Pyroplex Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps are compliant with the relevant EU legislation. This confirms the products validity and demonstrates that it meets all the legislative requirements to enable it to be used throughout the EU without restriction.

Pipe Penetration Sealing
Pyroplex CE Marked Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps are designed to reinstate the fire resistance of compartment walls and floors in constructions.
Compartmentation forms the basis of effective passive fire protection in buildings, by dividing the building into compartments it allows the restriction of the passage fire, smoke and heat through the building. This is achieved by all compartments having fire resisting walls and floors that in the event of a fire prevent the transfer of fire, smoke and heat from the compartment of origin to the adjoining compartments.

Compartmentation has a number of additional features:

  • Keeping escape routes clear, thereby allowing the escape of occupiers and entry of emergency services
  • Preventing the spread of fire from one building to adjacent buildings
  • Allowing the building to have maintain a degree of structural integrity

Pipe penetrations need to protect pipes running through the compartment walls and floors in a building to accommodate gas, water and air movement, compromising the fire resistance of the compartment. It is therefore necessary to install Pyroplex Pipe Collars or Wraps to reinstate the fire performance of the compartment wall or floor.

Pyroplex CE Marked Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps offer solutions for 2 hour and 4 hour fire resistance and are suitable for use on plastic pipes ranging from 25 to 400mm in diameter.

For full details refer to the Data sheets for Pyroplex Pipe Collars and Pyroplex Pipe Wraps.
It is Pyroplex policy to continue to develop a CE marked programme for all products requiring such certification. Announcements will be issued as progress is made.