60mins glazing system

Larger glazed panels and a higher variance of glass thicknesses can now be securely sealed with Pyroplex’s FD60 system, thanks to an in-depth programme of testing to BS standards.

Glazing System

The tests were recently undertaken to BS476 Standard (parts 20 and 22). Pushing the boundaries to accommodate the design trend for larger glass panels in fire-resisting doors and glazed panels, Pyroplex successfully tested a huge variance of sizes and thicknesses alongside its 60-minute glazing seal system.

Also accredited under the Certifire Scheme TS25 (Certificate CF5287), third-party certification formally assures the performance, reliability and traceability of the 60-minute system. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, these schemes are an internationally respected mark of fire safety.

Glazing is often the most vulnerable part of a fire door system. Yet, it’s often overlooked.  Without the correct glazing seals, a fire door is simply not fit for purpose. And that’s a huge risk, should a fire break out.

Market-leading technology

Pyroplex’s 60-minute fire glazing seal system is manufactured incorporating an expandable nanocomposite substance. It’s a reactive material with intumescent properties. When exposed to flame or heat, it will quickly expand to form a pressured seal around the glass panel.

60 min fire test

Specifically developed and designed by Pyroplex to be a fundamental component of an FD60 glazed fire-resisting doorset, the three-part seal system includes two integral glazing fins and an aperture liner. The fins can accommodate a wide variety of glazing thicknesses and door core sizes, whilst maintaining enough compression of the glass to ensure that all-important seal, should the worst happen.

Aesthetically, the 60-minute fire glazing seal provides a low visual sightline, sympathising with design aspirations whilst ensuring robust fire safety.

Andy Walsh, Pyroplex Technical Manager comments: “Pyroplex is committed to its ongoing testing programme, and the 60-minute fire glazing seal system is no exception. Incorporating intelligent, nanocomposite intumescent technology, it’s a robust and secure choice to accompany many different fire-resisting doorsets containing glazed apertures.

Extended British Standard testing, to widen its application in the market, is a positive development. Door component manufacturers and specifiers will be all-too aware of the move to incorporate increasingly complex glass designs within new buildings. This must never be at the risk of fire safety.”

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