Glass architecture and design practice has advanced over the last decade, with a number of iconic buildings incorporating the use of glazing. Fire resistant glass has also advanced in parallel to satisfy the structural and safety issues of incorporating glazing into building design.

In anticipation of the developments in the marketplace we have formed the Pyroplex Glazing Range. This range comprises of glazing seals for use in 30 and 60 minute Glazed Door Panels and also 30 and 60 minute Glazed Screen Systems.

The Pyroplex Glazing Screen range has undergone a rigorous testing programme and achieved the requirements set out in BS476: Part22: 1987. They have also been awarded third party approval through satisfying the requirements outlined in CERTIFIRE TS25.

In addition the CERTIFIRE Certificates for the Pyroplex 30 minute Glazing Systems have been consolidated into CERTIFIRE Certificate of Approval No CF 348 which now covers all our 30 minute glazing products, (8193, 30049, 30054 and 8492).

The scope of approval has also been extended through the inclusion of toughened soda lime glass, Pyrotech 630. This means that our 30 minute glazing systems now have a maximum aperture area of 0.76Sq.m. In addition the inclusion of toughened soda lime glass it means that our 30 minute glazing systems do not require a hardwood liner (except where specifically required in the door certificate).

In addition the scope of approval for Pyroplex ‘30049’ Glazing System has also been extended. The maximum aperture area for Pyroshield Safety Glass has now been increased from 0.45Sq.m to 0.67Sq.m.

For further information on our glazing range please refer to the relevant product pages or contact us.