There’s no doubt that to achieve optimum levels of passive fire protection in construction requires a full understanding of the testing and certification that is necessary for components specified, in addition to the use of fully trained installers and contractors.

That’s the firm belief of Pyroplex, a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire containment products including timber fire door seals that have successfully tested up to FD120 and fire glazing systems tested to 60 minutes.

Long-established in the fire protection industry and with a reputation for high levels of technical expertise and testing capabilities, Pyroplex typically works closely with its customers to guide and advise on the specification, testing and certification requirements of the project. All Pyroplex fire door seals and systems are approved by Certifire or IFC and the company often works with fire door manufacturers to assist with the independent testing of assembled doors.

Comments Andy Walsh, Technical Manager of Pyroplex: “We’re confident that our specialist technical knowledge and expertise of timber fire door seals and glazing systems can add real value to the fire protection of a construction project and we make it our business to help our customers with the clarification of testing and certification required. Pyroplex has been advising its principle clients over the last 10 years on proprietary designs of fire doors, which has resulted in no test failures. These sorts of results are testament, I believe, to our unrivalled level of knowledge and understanding of passive fire safety.”

Don’t be let down by poor installation

It’s not just the correct specification and certification of timber fire door systems that Pyroplex feels is paramount to delivering optimum passive fire protection, construction companies must hire appropriately trained installers too. “Errors during installation can have catastrophic consequences and as an industry, we need to take steps to ensure that all installers and contractors involved in passive fire protection have the knowledge available to do the job properly.” says Andy.

Tools such as BS8214: Good Practice Guide for Installation of Fire Doors can help, as can specialist organisations – for example, the British Woodworking Federation, of which Pyroplex is a member. They are responsible for the award-winning awareness campaign, Fire Door Safety Week and can supply invaluable resources such as the BWF-Certifire Installation Guide.

Comments Hannah Mansell, Technical Manager from the BWF and Chair of the Passive Fire Protection Forum: “Correct installation of passive fire products is key to ensuring performance when a fire breaks out. We frequently see specification broken by the use of incompatible, non-certificated products and poor installation. It is vital for clients to perform due diligence checks to ensure that they only engage trained and competent installers, and make sure that work is checked as part of a formal sign-off procedure. A tiny mistake can mean the difference between life and death.”

ASDMA (Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association) is another extremely valuable resource for organisations, when it comes to the optimum specification and installation of timber fire doors. Acting as a knowledge centre for the benefit of both members and the wider industry, with direct influence on UK, European and international standards, ASDMA educates and promotes best practice amongst specifiers, fabricators, installers and other relevant parties on many critical and complex technical issues, drawing on the expertise available amongst the diverse membership across the many product categories.

Says Lin Parry from ASDMA: “As a proactive and highly knowledgeable member of ASDMA, Pyroplex is well-placed to help us drive up standards in the specification and manufacture of timber fire doors. Andy’s detailed technical knowledge, leadership of governmental committees and passion for improving fire safety is key to the development of our best practice guidance for the industry, which has received such wide acclaim for its practical value in advancing fire safety.”

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