Fire Door Smoke Compliance

In 2011-12, there were 380 fire related fatalities in Britain. Over half of these fatalities were partly or wholly due to people being overcome by smoke or toxic fumes. (Fire Statistics, Great Britain, 2011-2012, Department for Communities and Local Government)

Pyroplex CE Marked Penetration Fire Sealing Products – Leading the European Race

Whereas the CPD lacked clarity as to when products had to be CE marked, the CPR identifies all products that can be CE marked when they can demonstrate compliance with a CEN (EN) product standard or an EAD (previously ETA), then they can carry the CE mark at the point of sale or installation. Implementation by 1st July will be a tight schedule that may have some manufacturers struggling, not just in the UK, but across Europe. The history of CE marking on fire sealing products portrays some of the complications encountered.

Added Performance, for when you need it most

The developments in regulation and testing within the passive fire protection industry bring around opportunities for new Pyroplex products. In light of this we have introduced a new Pyroplex Fire Rated Ablative Coating for added insulation on pipe penetrations and cable applications during a fire situation.