Incorporating certified passive fire protection

Architects are pushing the boundaries to great effect, as building design becomes more ambitious and creative. Fire safety however, must remain at the core of every construction project and using certified and tested products is the diligent choice. Why? Andy Walsh, Technical Manager at leading passive fire protection manufacturer, Pyroplex explains.

All parties involved in the creation of a new building have a joint responsibility to make it fire-safe. Fire protection is not the task of one person or department. The wider the understanding, the safer the building will be.

Specifiers face a challenge when it comes to the optimum choice of products. The market is full of bold claims; it’s easy to be misled. The only way to be certain that a fire protection product will deliver the desired and stated performance is to specify third-party certified products that are accompanied by independent test results.

Architects, specifiers, regulators and customers will gain confidence from the use of certified products. Due diligence creates a safer building. For example, should you specify a certified Pyroplex intumescent fire door seal with performance claims of FD120, we can provide testing data to demonstrate fire containment for 120 minutes. The same can be said for Pyroplex Fire Stopping CE Marked Fire Collars, Pipe Wraps and fire sealants.

Third-party certification exists to independently approve products that deliver against the stated performance. Within fire protection, it exists to drive standards upwards, enabling manufacturers, suppliers, architects and contractors to design and build with the best possible fire safety standards at the heart of the project.

Pyroplex is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection products with global reach. A long-established specialist with unrivalled technical knowledge and expertise, the Pyroplex team can offer support from inception to installation. Pyroplex retains a well-deserved reputation for developing highly effective fire safety products that are firmly endorsed with industry accreditations and comprehensive testing.